Video of Surrounds, Wildlife Walks & Bandicoots

Anushka's Children's Walk Through Garden

A children's  "Walk Through" garden has been opened at HIRL. This garden has been developed to provide children with a lovely sensory experience, providing them with an awareness of the joy of native plants, with designed paths and walking stones and logs  meandering throughout. Children have been involved in the painting of the unique walking stones.

Designed specifically for children, complete with garden dragon and giant red toadstool!!, well worth visiting, the children will enjoy

Eastern Barred Bandicoot

The Eastern Barred Bandicoot (Perameles gunnii) is a small (rabbit sized) marsupial with a long pointed nose. Colour varies from yellowish-brown above to grey underneath and a light colour on upper side of tail. The most distinguishing feature is the three or four pale bars on the hindquarters.

Formerly widespread throughout western Victoria, the population in Victoria is estimated to be as low as 150 animals It is now confined to only a handful of locations, and is now one of Victoria’s most endangered species and considered extinct in Victoria’s wild.  The only wild population being near Hamilton in the west of the state and four re-introduced sites.

Visit HIRL and Walk into the Parklands to see the Eastern Barred Bandicoots in their Parklands Enclosure. This enclosure contains an area of 100 ha of plains grassy woodland enclosed by a 1.8 m high electrified predator control fence More than 120 bandicoots were released into the reserve between 1991 and 2003. In 2007, another 30 bandicoots were released, but unfortunately predators found their way into the enclosure, and the population was nearly decimated.

In March 2016 a further 20 bandicoots were released in to a now secure enclosure and the population has exploded!!

Visit our Hamilton Bandicoots Facebook Page for more information on Bandicoot Discovery and Widldlife Walks  

Conservation Volunteers Australia are Managing the Hamilton Parklands Bandicoot enclosure, Visit their Web site here

New Release of Bandicoots
 Unfortunately the fence fell into disrepair, and predators decimated the population. In mid 2015 Kim Volk of the conservation Volunteers was given the task of management, ang the fence has been repaired, foxes removed and in April 2016 29 new Eastern Barred Bandicoot were released into the parklands, so that the population can once inhabit the parklands. The video shows the recent release.


Beautiful Native Gardens (Both trees shrubs and Grasses
Volunteers at HIRL pride themselves at planting, fostering and maintaining a wonderful collection of native flora.

Take a stroll through out magnificent parkland and gardens to see the beautiful collection of Native Flora, in its natural state.

Stop for a while and hear and see the many native birds that utilise this fantastic resource. Local native plants have been grown to foster the establishment of our native bird species

Visit our magnificent wetlands and hear the melody of natures creatures; play video below

Wetlands & Frog Melody

See 7  Beautiful Parklands and native gardens in Available Facilities

Keep an eye out for the Bandicoots during your walk, as not all our Bandicoots remain in their enclosure!!

Edible Native Plant Garden
The establishment of a Native Edible Plant garden has commenced, a sign on the walking track in front of the Native Edible a Plant Enclosure describes edible native plants, so keep your eyes peeked for further development in this area

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