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Function Hire Rates

These rates are a guide only as there are many different variables with differing  
needs of clients

Please ring 03 55723699 to obtain exact quote for your particular requirements 

Venue Hire Rates

Full Venue Hire (includes Main Hall, Bandicoot Rooms, 
        Lounge & Kitchen, Art & rooms)                      $500

Indoor Weddings (Main hall, lounge, kitchen, Bandicoot 
room & grounds)                                                   $400

Outdoor Weddings (grounds & toilet access only)  $150

Main Hall and Kitchen   
    Friday or Sat night Evening function                    $295
    Weekend Daytime Function                               $220
    Weekday Evening Function                                $185
    Weekday Evening Meeting                                 $100
    Daytime Full Day Meeting                                  $180
    Daytime Half Day Meeting                                  $100
    Friday (Booking for function setup)                      $100
    Funeral Service (main hall, lounge & kitchen)       $200 (for room hire only - additional charges depending upon                                                                                                             requirements)

Bandicoot Room
    Evening Function  Weekend                               $150
                               Week Day                              $120
    Daytime function  Weekend                                $130
    Daytime Meeting (Full Day)                                 $120
                              (Half Day)                                $60
    Evening meeting                                                 $60
    Additional cost to include Main Kitchen                $30

Lounge Room (including Main kitchen)
    Evening Function (Weekday)                               $80
    Daytime Function                                               $80
    Evening Meeting                                                 $40
    Daytime Meeting (Full Day)                                 $80
    Daytime Meeting (Half Day)                                 $40                 

Studio Meeting Room                                          $40

Art & Craft Room/Building                                       
    Meetings and Workshops   (Full Day)                   $50    
                                            (Half Day)                   $30

There is a refundable bond applicable to function bookings-$200.00

NOTE - Booking conditions apply, please contact the HIRL office for details. Discounts may apply for community & charitable (non-profit) groups, Discounts apply for members